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I have a 2 year old male Shepherd-Boxer-Pitbull mix. He's about 100lbs, very smart, easy to train, and a velcro dog with people he likes. Now, he has two issues.

He's reactive towards men. This started randomly when he was younger, and he barks at men who come too close. I've taken him to classes, but the instructors were not overly helpful (he actually got worse with them). I've not had the time until recently to take him back to full training classes.

He reacts to people's fear. With people who are calm around dogs, he ends up being totally fine (even men). We've been successful at introducing him to people multiple times. However, I have a girlfriend and guyfriend who are both scared of dogs. He goes nuts with them (hackles up, barking loudly).

Since he's a massive dog this obviously makes them even more scared. It's a bad cycle and he's been getting braver and getting closer to them and barking loudly to try and get them to leave. I just want him to ignore people (ideally).

I want to do online and in person classes to work on these issues. What should I look for in a trainer? What online classes/videos can I watch to work on at home?

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