Twitter Account That Rates Cute Dogs Calls Out A Hater In The Most Epic Rant

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The Twitter-verse can be a wonderful place.

Aside from the fact that users have direct access to their favorite people and firebrands, the stages never-ending afford of accountings devote to random themes are among the many benefits Twitter has to offer.

The dog-loving account announced We Rate Dogs is proof.

However, the overwhelming joy were provided by this particular note didnt come from pup selfies this time around.

Burn .

Luckily, Brant didnt get away with offering his unwanted opinion.

Heres the spiteful tweet.

We Rate Dogs then fuelled back with a whimsical tweet of their own.

Brant fuelled back with a epigram of his own.

Its official intentionally misspelling the names of your sworn antagonists is the best method to get your revenge.

First, they led with Bront and now Brent. Poor Brant.

Behold, birth certificates of Brint. This Twitter account isnt playing games.

Still, Brant felt the need to stress his point.

We Rate Dogs doesnt care what you think, bro.

Brant decided to point out that they should probably cater to not-so-good-looking dogs as well. Valid point.

In case you were wondering, this pup is an 11/10.

Brant just wants to see what a five or six would look like, though.

Since the conceive behind the We Rate Dogs Twitter account clearly has better things to do, they had the last word.

The lesson learned here is actually quite simple dont mess with anonymous Twitter accountings dedicated to rating cute dogs.

You might just getyour mention changed six different times in front of 400, 000 people.

Oh, and Brant, youre going to need to find a new method to get dog ratings, buddy.

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