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Hi all,

My 14 week old cardigan welsh corgi hates his crate. We've started from square one several times. He's fed in the crate, and play games in the crate. We give him special treats only for the crate. However, he still continues to resist naps and bed time.

In the morning, he goes on a ~20-30 minute walk after breakfast. There is admittedly a lot more commotion in the house in the morning as everyone is getting ready for work and starting their day. I understand that is exciting for a curious puppy and he gets FOMO. When both my parents head out and it is just me and my sister working from home, he still resists his nap. When he was living with just me he had no problem sleeping from 8-12 but now he wont even sleep 30 minutes. The barking is loud, and consistent. Even when we're in front of his crate he doesn't like to be in it. We're really concerned that when we all start working full time, he won't be able to be alone at all. My mom would plan to come home throughout the day or be with him since she is retired but we're worried being completely alone is not in the picture at all.

Does anyone have any trouble shooting or back to which step I need to go back to? Do I give up crate training altogether?

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