Trouble with potty training

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Hi! I an having some trouble with potty training my dog. I've had dogs for years and this guy is the only one I can't figure out.

Info about the dog: Rescued from the streets We adopted him from the person who found him Was still losing teeth when we adopted him No clue on breed Under 15 pounds Smallest dog we've ever owned He's two now

Info about our home: The fence got damaged and we haven't been able to fix it so he cannot go out when ever he wants In the year prior to adopting him we had two dogs who aged, had accidents and passed in the home. At this time we are unable to replace the carpet but are working on that as a goal

Fergus will have accidents in the hall and bedroom and dining room and even the kitchen. He just goes wherever. We have had him go stay at other people's home for dog boardimg and they all claim he doesn't have accidents there. I thought it must be because of the carpet. But here is the crazy thing. My husband went out of town and Fergus only had one accident the whole week he was gone! He would wake me up at night to take him out and let me know during the day when he needed to go. I was so proud of him.

The second my husband came home he stated having accidents again and even went back to eating his poop which is so frustrating.

My husband left town again and again no accidents since he left and Fergus woke me up twice to take him out. I just don't understand what is going on and how can I get him to continue this behavior when my husband is home?

Also, my husband does not hurt or scare him or anything like that. In fact he babies him more than I do sometimes. Lol

Does anyone have any advice for me?

I've thought about installing a bell or a button that says outside when he hits it so he can communicate he needs to go out. I'm not sure how to train him to do that though. He's very smart and learned to sit, shake, high five, and may down very quickly.

Also, we have a second girl and she's 8. She is a border collie husky and they are best friends. She doesn't have these problems, she had different ones but no issues with potty training.

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