Trouble with Pig Ears

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I used to get these giant pig ears for my chihuahuas but there was a recall on them so I hadn’t gotten them in months. Fast forward to this week when I found some again and got a few. I’ve got 3 chihuahuas and always get enough for all to have one at the same time so they don’t have to fight for one.

Now to the issue, one of my dogs is very aggressive over his pig ears now. Any time he has one, a person or dog cannot come within 5 feet of him without him growling or snapping. I’ve tried the whole saying no and taking away the ear thing, which usually works with him when he’s doing something he shouldn’t, but it’s not stopping him now. Half the time he chews on the ear but growls while he’s doing it even if no one/dog is trying to take it from him.

Any ideas on how to make him calm down or relax before I stop getting them altogether? The other dogs have no issues, they’ll just pick it up and run to another spot if another dog gets right next to them. I’d hate for them to not get them because he can’t control himself.

If it matters he’s the youngest, just 2 months shy of 2 years. The other 2 are about to be 3. He is your more typical angry and protective chihuahua (still has a playful side but protection comes first) while the other two are chill af or extremely loving and playful.

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