Trouble Getting Pup to Eat

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I got a 3 month medium sized Golden-doodle on Friday named Leo!

He is cute as a button and behaves in a healthy energetic manner.

My only issue is he doesn't seem to be eating much. The day he got here I fed him the puppy food he had been eating already according to the breeder. (Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Chicken & Rice formula) I got an 18 pound bag thinking keeping him on the same food transitioning to his new home would be best.

He ate plenty of it on the first day. Out of my hand when I first saw him and finished a good bowl of it once we got home on friday.

The next morning though he wouldn't touch it. He drinks entire bowls of water the moment I put them down but doesn't even sniff the food bowl. Maybe I can get him to nibble a few if I offer it to him by hand but not really. Finally for dinner around 7 after I coaxed him for almost 45 mins he ate the better part of 3/4 of his bowl. Mostly out of my hand.

Again this morning he wouldn't touch the stuff.

Should I be worried? He seems to going poop plenty. 3 times yesterday. Already once this morning. Stools don't seem soft or anything. So maybe I shouldn't be worried…

Part of me is wondering if all the chicken and bacon bit treats he has gotten as I try and teach him his name, do basic sit and down, and rewarding him with a small handful whenever he goes potty outside… (which he did 4 times yesterday!) Maybe I've over done it, spoiled him, and this is why he doesn't look at the food? I know if I got a handful of treats he'd eat that for sure… Also maybe him eating almost everything out of my hand his giving him an aversion to the bowl?

I also read a lot of people don't rate Purina very highly… but it was what was recommended by the breeder (he was an expensive dog so I'm surprised they would recommend low quality food) and frankly after spending so much in the last 14 days on him and all his stuff ($3,000+) I'm not exactly swimming in cash anymore…

I'd like to find a way to get him through at least this 18 pound bag economically and by then I should have the cash on hand to offer him something $10 or $15 better for the same quantity. I need something to hold him over for the next week and a 1/2…

Also yes I am taking him to the vet first thing tomorrow. Although he doesn't seem ill he needs to get his next round of shots. He has been nowhere and touched nothing except the inside of his crate, and my floors inside and backyard since he got here and no contact with other dogs and will remain that way until he gets all of his shots!

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