Trouble getting 1 year old corgi to come back into the house after going to the bathroom in the yard

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She doesn’t like being in the yard alone as in I open the door and she waits for me to come out with her. Then we go out and she does her business and then I can’t get her back in. Originally all I had to do was walk back into the house and she would follow me. Then she stopped so I started walking in without her and waiting for her but as soon as she spots me she turns around and runs back outside. So I tried to trick her by going further into the house which worked like once and then now it’s made it worse. I walk in and she stays out there which isn’t a huge deal, I could just wait her out but she tends to put random things in her mouth out in the yard (leaves, stuff fallen from trees). So then I tried fencing the area off so she couldn’t run away from me except she’s just too fast. Now she runs past me and the only solution I have is to have someone help me herd her back into the house.

I’ve tried making going back in more enticing like I’ll wave her favorite toys or high value treats and nothing works.

Anyone have any ideas? For now I’m just leashing her every time I go outside but it takes her like 3x as long to go on a leash.

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