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Hey guys! This is a question about trick training and recall.

I have had my ACD since he was 8 weeks old and let me tell you, this breed is such a handful but so freaking fun! We spent most of his puppy time socializing him, which honestly was very rewarding.

He is super friendly, doesn't nip other dogs, doesn't nip kids. I feel like he is becoming a well rounded boyo. This was obviously our most important step in training, and it seems like a success! These dogs are known to get aggressive towards other dogs, so I'm very happy we were able to teach him to get out his energy through (constant) playtime haha.

Now I want to get started on trick training him. The only thing he does 100% of the time is "Sit." He knows Lay down, Drop It, Back Up, Get Your Toy. But none of those are 100% where I want him to be. He isn't a very treat motivated dog, so I'm interested in Clickers. Also, he only "Come"s half the time but it's totally his stubbornness. I'd like him to "Come" 100% of the time obviously.

Any tips on where to start? He's a bit older but super smart so I'm sure he will sti be able to learn greatly (:

Oh yeah, here he is!

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