Trainor says his style is force-free but it doesn’t seem that way

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My dog is aggressive/reactive. She barks at practically everything (dogs, cats, strangers, birds) and has attacked 1 stray kitten and our new 3 month old puppy—no bites, just aggressive barking and lunging. She growls when she doesn't want to be moved (she likes to sleep on my parents' bed) or carried. She has bitten a vet assistant when it was forcing a heartgard on her. She's also not food motivated so it's hard to train her. But she understand sit, drink water, wait, come here, let's go, treats, and no at command but only listens when she likes the treat or she wants to obey.

I hired a dog behaviorist who claims his training style is force free, although it was on his profile that his style is positive reinforcement already. I just want to explicitly get it out there before I committed since my dog has anxiety. And he said that yes, there will be corrective training but no use of choker, etc. as he will employ dog psychology. So I felt pretty at ease with him.

Come training session, he taught me to say No and Poke her on the side with pressure everytime she barks. We've had 2 sessions with him already. On the first session, I shrugged the training off and just complied. I was thinking he knows better and maybe this is the only way to treat my dog since she's 2 years old and has her aggressive behavior ingrained already. But after the second session, she attempted to lunge at me when I poked her one time and has chased after my nephew who was staying over the night when he ran. She also has Ehrlichiosis showing again and was extra territorial (even towards me), so that might be a factor.

When I asked him if isn't his method negative reinforcement because he employs punishment, he said that it was "positive training" and that he'd explain on our next session. But that's going to cost me another session, which if it's not working, would want to avoid beforehand.

What do you think? If I prefer force free training, do you think my trainor's methods are totally different from that? Should I switch trainors?

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