Training with 3 month old Lab-Pit mix going well but still worried

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My father in law spontaneously purchased a puppy even though he already has a German Shepherd puppy and gifted her to my husband. I guess he got overwhelmed with two puppies. She’s surprisingly good at using the bathroom outside, she sits right away when you tell her to sit and is generally obedient and eager to please.

We have a 2 and 3 y/o and they know to be nice with our puppy but sometimes our pup will pull at their clothes or jump on them, normal puppy things. Most of the time she will stop when we tell her to but then go and do it again do to excitement I’m assuming. Earlier though my 3 y/o fell and she ran to him, grabbed him on the back of his neck and tried to shake and I told her no and she stopped. I guess I’m just worried that because she’s half Pit she might be aggressive? I have no experience with big dog breeds in general and I’m just winging the “training.” (I’m teaching her to lie down, stay, and come.) I also don’t want to stereotype the breed or anything but a lot of people have so many scary stories and I want to make sure I’m doing everything right. Any advice for me? Anything I’m doing wrong? Thank you

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