Training to "hold it" while active?

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Hi, I have a 14 wk old small terrier breed. He is being crate trained and doing well – he sleeps through the night (9:30-6am) with only one break (2am) and stays about 2hr and 15 min in the crate 4x a day while I'm at work.

However, when he is out and about in the bedroom, he still has to go about every 20min. If I try to stretch it out longer he just goes on the floor.

Question 1: how long awake and active shoukd he be able to hold it by now?

Question 2: Do you think he goes on the floors because he still hasn't strongly associated pottying with going out on the balcony? (He gets a high valur treat and praise every time he goes in the right spot…)

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