Training stand-stay/calmness while putting on harness

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Tl;dr: Looking for tips for training a puppy to be calm while putting on a harness. Happy to look into general calmness training, teaching stand-stay, or anything else you can suggest.

Our puppy has long fur and a harness that clips around his chest. Combined with how wiggly and mouthy he is, putting this on is a challenge. He's great at sitting calmly and putting his head through the front strap as well as sitting calmly while I clip on the lead once the harness is on, so I don't think the harness itself is an issue.

Bonus question: I looked into training stand-stay, but I'm not sure how to do it without ruining his already-good sit and drop (lie down) with implicit stay (i.e. we don't say stay, but expect every sit or drop to also be a stay until we use his release word). If I don't use his release word when he's sitting or lying down, is it okay to lure him into a stand anyway? Or if I use his release word will he think he's being treated for ending his stay rather than for standing?


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