Training Recommendation for Dog Losing Eyesight

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I have a 13 year old miniature poodle and I would like some training advice for him. He is losing his eyesight and will likely be completely blind soon. He is also getting quite hard of hearing.

He is adapting well to having poor eyesight and I have made changes around the house to assist him. I leave a light on at night (he already has night-blindness), have stairs for him to get on the bed, and I try not to make changes around the house.

The hearing loss is something that I do not know how to manage. He startles easily now and bites if he is touched while he sleeps. How should I approach him while he sleeps (he sleeps on my bed under my covers so I can't just avoid him entirely) and if I need to wake him, how should I go about doing that?

Is there any training I can do with him now to help him transition into full-blindness easily? He seems to just know what I want him to do by watching me. I did not train him properly as a puppy (I was young and really didn't know what I was doing). He knows the basics like sit, paw, and down. He also knows come, jump up, get down, no, stay, etc. He does not have a great recall outside and sometimes runs away if the opportunity arises. He also has a bite history and will attack people coming into the house (especially men). He has recently started going after people who belong in the house because he does not see who they are and can't properly hear them. He almost bit my mother one night when she entered my home.

He is a very quick learner and generally likes to please me. He loves food and will definitely work for some yummy treats. My ultimate goal is to help him keep his awesome quality of life even if he goes completely blind.

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