Training at dog park & proper play?

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I have an almost 5 month old German Shepard pup and we have been taking him to the dog park to socialize once or twice a week. He’s about 25 pounds now and he’s always been good with big dogs, so that’s where he plays.

Do we let him play how puppies do, jumping and barking a lot, or are we supposed to try and deter that? I get worried other owners get annoyed, and he also gets zoomies sometimes so I’m worried he’s going to knock someone over (he’s not very coordinated).

He doesn’t pay much attention to treats while we are there (even high-value ones), otherwise he’s extremely food motivated. Any advice??

On another note last week there was an owner there with two very small dogs calling my dog a bully (half-joking half-not) because my pup was running over his 7 lb dog. Is that on him for having her in the big dog area or am I supposed to do something?! I tried calling him to me and I got him for a second but as soon as I released he was back at it.

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