Training Adopted Dog in Small-Town India

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Hi, I am an expat living in small-town India (Rajasthan) working for an NGO. I recently adopted a dog from a shelter in Delhi. Her name is Tea Rose and she's about 1 years old. Her whole life she has lived in a foster home with other dogs. Now she lives with me on our office campus, with lots of greenery and fields. In the mornings and evenings she has full range to run around the office campus. She also can play with our neighbour's dog. There are lots of office staff who live on campus for her to interact with. I also try to walk her at least once a day in addition to giving her a few hours to get her energy out running around the campus.

She's a very active dog and very food driven. I'm having some trouble training her–for example, she knows now to sit if she wants treats, but won't respond to the "sit" command unless I definitely have a treat. She's also very mouthy. She nips when she's excited–sometimes to the point where it hurts–and she chews on lots of things–clothing, furniture, plastic jars, dental floss etc… When I catch her doing that I switch it out for a chew-appropriate object, like one of her toys. Also, she LOVES cow dung, which is pretty common where we live–like she tries very hard to eat it and roll around in it. I'm not sure how to teach her that that is a no no.

My question is–do you have any advice for training her and what resources to use? I've researched a few websites and also read "Training for Both Ends of the Leash". She's a great dog but I'm finding training her challenging. Just for context she's an indie dog, so she's the kind you would find on the streets of India–although she was rescued when she was a puppy so she hasn't lived on the streets since she was about three months old.

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