Training a Shih Tzu and feel like a failure

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My little shih Tzu has been with us for now 4 months in the house. He will be 6 months old next Saturday. Just when I think he has caught grasp of potty training, he goes in the house. My husband text me this morning that he pooped in the house. Well he pooped this morning for me outside before I left for work. I don't what I am doing wrong 🙁 He won't come to me when I call him, had to get him to walk on a leash. He just jumps up and down when he is outside and all he wants to do it play. Sometimes we are outside forever waiting for him to do his business. When he does something wrong, like jumping on people and I tell him to stop, he doesn't listen. What am I doing wrong, feel so helpless at times. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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