Training a Pyrenees/Collie mix that is very stubborn

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So I have a wonderful almost 6 month old Great Pyrenees/Rough Collie mix named Teddy that I've had for a month or so. He is an angel for the most part, he gets in these moods where he just tries to get into everything(but then a short walk gets the boredom away). He hasn't done anything that would require training really, but I would like to start teaching some commands to help mentally tire him out. I don't care if he's to the level of performing in competitions, but it would be nice if I could give a sit command when he's trying to get the food I'm eating(he more just tries to grab it slowly but doesn't get aggressive or pushy towards getting it).

He does get a lot of exercise mainly from wrestling with our 1.5 year old Sheltie/Beardie named Louis so he gets pretty tired out that way. My other dog was more trainable but is very bad at following commands when distracted.

My main concern is that he just doesn't seem to get it when I try to teach a command. With Louis it was very easy to associate that sitting and things like that equal a treat but Teddy is so laid back that he will often just lay down when I try to put his butt in position for a sit. He's the calmest/chillest dog I've ever met so thankfully I am not in the biggest rush to teach him. I just feel like a bad owner not actively training him daily even though he is a perfectly behaved dog. It would also be nice to tire him out more mentally especially as he gets older with more energy.

TL;DR: I am having trouble getting my Pyr/Collie mix to learn any commands at all. It is a breed trait that they are hard to teach but I would love to at least get a few things taught.

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