Trainer told us a crate in a bedroom is harder for the puppy long term – thoughts?

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It’s hard to fit in the title but basically we originally let our puppy sleep in a crate in our room as this generally seems to be the common advice, with the intention that when she was older she would move downstairs and sleep in her crate their. However, our dog trainer told us this was harder for dogs Long term and we should just make her sleep where she means to go on.

Previously, despite not liking her crate in the day she loved it at night and would go 9 hours completely silently in her crate. She never would bark when we put her in at bed time and will literally sleep all night without needing the toilet. Now since moving downstairs, she is getting worse at night. We’ve decided to ignore the trainer on this particular piece of advice and she is better already. I was just wondering everyone’s thoughts as it’s pretty common advice to have a puppy in your room. Did you find the transition hard?

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