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So my 6 month lab mix has been coming along nicely with most of his training, unfortunately he is still pretty mouthy. I know that it is mostly my fault for not being as consistent as I could have been.

Now I'm working to rectify that. I'm saying ouch and turning away or removing myself for a short period any time he play bites. It works great for hands, feet, arms, basically any extremity, but not my face.

He has been known to give kisses, but I get a little worried sitting on the floor playing with him sometimes. He's made moves while we are playing that basically translate to him trying to bite my face…never aggressively. Thankfully I always pick up on the cues in time to keep it from happening, but wondering if this won't go away until he's completely done with the play biting of my other body parts.

When we are calm, he is all kisses and snuggles. And I'm smart enough to know not to put my face in his when we are playing. But I really want to be able to trust that I can sit or lay on the floor while we are playing and not worry about him lunging at my face with his jaws. Should I start trying to capture the kisses as a desire behavior?

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