Tough week, huh? You might have missed these 7 awesome things that happened.

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Hey, quick interrogate: How are you doing? Are you go right now?

It’s been a bumpy couple of weeks , no doubt about that. You don’t necessary a recap; exactly flip on the bulletin or check Facebook, and you’ll be knocked over by the avalanche of scaring political developments that have taken place during the past 14 days.

It’s a little overwhelming, to be honest. Happenings have detected hopeless, and even all the good beings out there fighting for what’s good and right sometimes seem like just a drop in the ocean.

But I’m here to tell you it’s not all bad! A pile of it is bad, surely. But, somewhere sown underneath all the rubble of alternative happenings, Muslim bans, and special activities travelled horrendously incorrect is evidence that this world we live in is, surely, worth the fight .

Victories big and small are happening, together with articles of bulletin that are just a accepted relief from the madness.

Here are seven awesome things that happened this week you are not able to have heard about .

1. An amazing federal adjudicate in L.A. necessitated an Iranian soldier with a valid visa be allowed into the country.

According to Matt Hamilton of the L.A. Times, Ali Vayeghan had been waiting for years to fly from Tehran to see his son in Los Angeles. He just so has come to notebook his expedition right as Donald Trump’s already infamous manager prescribe came down.

Vayeghan was incarcerated when he arrived at LAX and instantly sent back to Iran by way of Dubai.

ACLU lawyers petitioned the courts and acquired its determination to honor Vayeghan’s travel visa, but by then he was back in Dubai. So U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee told authorities to haul him back to the U.S. immediately .

No word yet on whether Vayeghan has been reunited with his son in the U.S ., but knowing “theres” magistrates out there willing to uphold the Constitution is a victory in its own right.

2. We reputed this adorable frog was extinct but recently discovered it was just hiding!

Science and discovery still stuff, damnit. Just ask the cave squeaker, a small African frog that hadn’t been appreciated for virtually 50 years.

That is until a crew led by Robert Hopkins, an associate investigate with the Natural History Museum in Bulawayo, found a handful of them in Zimbabwe. The frogs had simply changed rearing places, which moved them hard to track down.

Scratching precisely one species off the extinct listing is a major treat, and now we can work on protection and conservation for these little brown hoppers so they are unable thrive again one day soon.

3. A Texas mayor came out as transgender, and the funding was overwhelming.

A transgender mayor of a small, ruby-red township in Texas? Announces like a recipe of natural disasters, and that’s what Jess Herbst expected when she came out this week as transgender.

Much to her bombshell, the response from her friends, neighbors, and peers couldn’t be a little more supportive.

One of my Facebook friends challenged beings to post a picture from high school and current. So here is mine. 1977 -2 017, I haven’t changed a bit.

Posted by Jess Herbst onWednesday, January 18, 2017

“I was hoping for endurance, and what I’ve get is devastating subsistence, ” she said, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Read her courageou, and refreshingly honest, open letter to the people of her city on government officials New Hope, Texas, website.

4. A woman arrested for burning a inform shot at her abusive husband was ultimately released from imprisonment.

In 2010, Marissa Alexander’s husband threatened to kill her. Protecting herself and her newborn child, she fuelled a advise hit from a firearm she owned and frightened him off.

Though the missile did not smacked her husband, Rico Gray, and the fact that Gray had a known history of mistreating her, Alexander was convicted of aggravated assault with a lethal artillery. She has been in prison and under house arrest ever since.

Until this week.

Having admitted a shortened convict in 2015, Alexander’s punishment is eventually, and fortunately, over. She’s now free. And though what happened to her was a travesty, her storey is going to gasoline the flames of anti-domestic violence laborers everywhere for a long time to come.

We have a lot of work left to do.

5. The Boy Scouts are lastly allowing transgender sons to join.

The Boy scout have not always been known as the most, er, progressive establishment on the block. It took them a reasonably long time to get cozy with the idea of gay troop leads, all the while doing a pretty good enterprise of managing accusations of corruption.

But, hey, the coming week at the least, there’s some progress.

The Boy Scouts of America finally announced it would honor the gender listed on a child’s application instead of the birth credential. This paves the room for kids who relate as sons to join.

After all, everyone deserves the chance to learn how to tie sweetened knots and race wooden cars.

6. Two Republican senators swore to vote “no” on Trump’s pick for secretary of Education.

You may have heard a little about Betsy DeVos, which existed awaiting confirmation to become secretary of Education. In short, she is immensely unqualified for the job.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped some of Trump’s other selects from coasting their practice into his cabinet.

This time, though, it seems there may be a few Republican willing to stand up for what’s right rather than playing defendant politics. Both Republican senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said they could not reinforce DeVos in the upcoming referendum .

Whether that is likely affects her path to the job remains to be seen, but it’s at least a good clue not everyone in the GOP is willing to let Trump have his style when the stakes are high.

7. Beyonc and Jay Z are having twins. Twins!

OK, this might seem trivial, but it’s honestly been a while since a non-Trump fib grabbed the country’s attention the way Beyonc’s Instagram pole announcing her pregnancy did.

We necessity trivial and giddy word like this to nourish our souls.

Think about it we used to complain, but don’t you kind of miss the working day when pictures of cute puppies and all the latest Brangelina rumors regulated the internet? So do I.

Queen Bey has brought us back to that time, if exclusively for a moment.

There’s bound to be great information next week, too. You exactly have to look a little harder for it these days. But I predict you, it’s worth it !

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