TOP 10 STRONGEST DOG | Biggest Guard Dogs In The World

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Video clip of the largest canines worldwide!! Please comment and also Share!
TOP 10 STRONGEST PET|Greatest Attack dog In The World

29 thoughts on “TOP 10 STRONGEST DOG | Biggest Guard Dogs In The World

    1. UPSIPO

      +darkcg79 And it is Photoshop-ed 1000%, in one photo there is a dog as big
      as a horse, in another one – like a lion. Lol Lol Lol

  1. Mauroilha


  2. No YouTube Red

    Bigger does not equal stronger and definitely not tougher. I mean the
    American Pitbull (a dog that generally averages around 50 pounds) does
    things that none of the breeds on here have done or can be seen doing. Tell
    me, how many breeds have anyone seen able to pull 12,000 pounds like this
    American Pitbull does –
    How many of those other breeds have been, and still are, used to take on
    large animals like bulls and bears in gladiatorial competitions? I have
    seen Pitbulls take on horses by themselves and send the horse heading for
    the hills –
    The American Pitbull is obviously the superior breed. They were bred as
    farm dogs that would help and protect farmers from livestock, especially
    the bulls. If a bull or whatever tried to attack the farmer, the American
    Pitbull would take it on and get it under control. The kangal breed can’t
    hold a candle to the American Pitbull breed overall. American Pitbulls are
    stronger, more athletic, tougher, more versatile, and are obviously greater
    gladiators that have been used to battle bulls and bears in gladiatorial
    competitions (things that kangals have never done). On top of all that,
    American Pitbulls possess gameness (something that kangals don’t have)
    which they will go to further lengths to do something or get a job done.
    For more info on the American Pitbull breed –

  3. Echo6Bravo

    I had a Rhodesian Ridgeback. It’s been referred to as the Navy SEAL of
    dogs. African lion hunter. Can run 24 hours straight or 30 miles. Immune to
    insect bites. How do you define strong? The term, “Keeping a lion at bay”
    came from Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Paws adapted to the tough African plains
    and superb framework with dense bones. Virtually odorless, easy to groom,
    very few illnesses, protective and very intelligent. I don’t think you can
    say these things about any dogs on this list.

  4. No YouTube Red

    There is a video by a well-known expert on American Pitbulls that talks
    about recorded accounts of the breed being used to battle large animals,
    even big cats. The video is called *ALL ABOUT THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER
    WITH RICHARD F. STRATTON*. Many know him as Richard F. Stratton. He even
    says they were beating big cats. And the matches were one-on-one sometimes.
    It is because the American Pitbull, while smaller and not as heavy, was
    tougher, had better stamina, and possessed gameness (the eagerness and
    willingness to do despite the threat of serious injury) that lions simply
    don’t have. Many big cats ran away. But that is not really surprising given
    the fact that American Pitbulls were bred to take on animals much larger
    and stronger than lions. They were bred to take on bulls. Do you know what
    a bull can do to a big? Watch the videos I post to learn more.
    Lion vs. bull –
    Tiger vs. bull –
    Pitbull vs. bull –
    Info about American Pitbulls taking on lions (go to 18:04 on this video to
    hear that part) –

  5. JÚ Rocha

    Que desgraça foi essa que fizeram no pescoço do primeiro cão, sangue? Pelo
    amor né, eles são seres vivos sentem dor também! Affs…😠


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