Top 10 Saturday Night Live Sketches

Top 10 Saturday Night Live Sketches

These are the craziest SNL sketches ever. Sign up with WatchMojo as we provide our choices for the Top 10 SNL Acts of all time.

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# 10. Total Bastard Airlines
# 9. James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Celebration
# 8. Olympia COFFEE SHOP
# 7. Colonel Angus
# 6. Super BassOMatic '7.
# 5. Celebrity Jeopardy.
# 4. Digital Shorts.
# 3.?

42 thoughts on “Top 10 Saturday Night Live Sketches

  1. cmnsns

    Horrible Top 10, bad choice for Eddie Murphy, he had much better ones, like
    the scum bucket one (Can you say scum bucket?)
    And where’s motivational speaker Matt Foley? And Phil Hartman as Bill
    Clinton interrupting his jog to steal people’s food at a fast food
    restaurant, or daaaa Bears, etc… They could have replace some of the bad
    choices here.

    1. bucky468

      The Olympia Café sketch was really funny. John Belushi (R.I.P.) best
      defined SNL. And SNL lost its edge since the death of Chris Farley. And I
      was jumping for joy once SNL got rid of the 3 Bimbo Stooges (Shannon,
      Gasteyer, Oteri).

  2. deadeye

    No Matt Foley is a travesty. “I live in a van down by the river” is a
    widely used catch phrase.
    What about Debbie Downer?
    What about Church Lady? (not a favorite of mine but certainly aired more
    than any other sketch in history)
    What about Waynes World?
    What about Bill Murray, “Yes Mrs Lubner.”
    What about unfrozen caveman lawyer?
    No Ed Grimly, no Jackie Rogers Jr?
    Da Bears? No?

    The original cast is over rated. I’m not saying they weren’t funny, but the
    sketches simply weren’t as iconic as what came later. The greatest SNL
    period, by far, was from about 1990 until the early 2000s. More classic
    stuff from that 12 or 13 years than the rest combined.

    1. Ann Johnston

      +deadeye There may be “sheer volume ” in the 90’s but the comparison to the
      content of comedy, which is what were discussing, the original not ready
      for prime players win hands down. Full stop.

    1. Ella DeMore

      Apodictic_Ninja because the mighty boosh is what exactly? Or monty python?
      Or Friday night project? Or IT crowd? Do those not have the same elements
      of comedy as these sketches? I’m pretty sure that you’ll find comedy is a
      universal concept.

  3. Vanessa P

    Nothing with Gilda Radner??? What the *H* are you guys thinking???

    Cowbell probably ranks as #1 in everyone’s mind, but Gilda Radner was much
    better than nearly half of the other stuff in this list.

  4. Mike Morris

    This video needs less number two on the list. Wtf is that about, no one’s
    ever talked about that skit. And maybe more cowbell.

  5. 0217ldp

    What about Eddie Murphy as Mr. Robinson? What about Chris Farley’s van down
    by the river? What about Emila Latella’s well that’s different. Never
    mind.” What about Dan Ackroyds, “Jane you ignorant slut,” on
    Point/Counterpoint? What about Roseanna Roseannadanna’s appearances on the
    news? What about Cheri Oteri and Will Farrell as the cheerleader wanna bes?
    Dana Carvey’s impersonation of H. Ross Perot at a county fair and that of
    Dennis Miller on the news?

    1. AJ ME.

      0217ldp Excellent choices, they all should have been added there can be no
      top 10 list simply because there are so many more that are just as great
      !😂😂😂😂😂😂😂and don’t forget Samurai Futaba, The Coneheads, The Blues
      Brothers, The Festrunk Brothers,( We are two wild and crazy guys) and of
      course Todd and Lisa( Mrs Loopner is Lisa home ? Oh shut up Todd you pizza
      face) Lmao


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