Top 10 Most Disturbing (Scariest) Courage The Cowardly Dog Episodes

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Attempting my hand at assessing a show, behave:p.
This listing decreases the list of my personal choices for the most troubling as well as most frightening episodes of Nerve the Cowardly Pet. Its Developed by John Dilworth and had by Animation Network.
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I would like to add that this is a listing of MY ideas, not a list standing for other people, which is a wild-goose chase making such a video anyway.

My thoughts on other Episodes that are discussed:.
Home of Unhappiness: Really, not as large as every person says. It was scary and also all, yet it did not have the cools I obtained from the various other episodes on this checklist. Likewise, I couldn't discover any type of good clips of it, yet yes, would've resembled a jogger up.
Human Habitrail: It's Doc Gerbil's world? Currently, that's simply ridiculous. Its a creepy principle of human experimentation by animals, however, for some reason, this episode's coloring is a lot more welcoming than primarily all episodes on this list. And also, if its simply motifs, The Mask is much worse.
Queen of the Black Pool: Maybe this episode has actually expanded on me, but this is still pretty up there. It has the imagery okay. Possibly up there with House of Discontent.
An Evening At Katz Motel: Crawlers Never ever rather reached me. Though Katz is a psycho-serial killer played right, he constantly felt way too much like a Bond villain for me. Extremely enjoyable character, but not truly terrifying.
Darkness of Nerve: The infamous "Shadow Muriel tears her very own head off" point. It's done really weird, as well as is possibly up there with Queen of the Black Pool, given that its one of the a lot more troubling scenes, yet I felt it lacked the nightmare fuel power of a few of the options on my listing.

He's not number 1, sorry everyone. I have a number of reasons for my primary, a lot of which covered in the followup.

66 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Disturbing (Scariest) Courage The Cowardly Dog Episodes

    1. Mrs. Nekonome

      devin nguyen that episode shouldn’t have been scary. As a little one, I
      understood that Bunny was in a bad relationship (my Ma went through them so
      I recognized this very easily) and Kitty was trying to help her escape.
      Today, I realize it was about lesbians, rape, domestic abuse, and misandry.
      It was my favorite episode.

    2. epicgameRAAM15

      You were right about that. It was one strange episode. After the mask was
      taken off, I was happy that Courage saved Bunny, and Kitty stopped bashing
      him! xD

    1. hamza62240

      Am 12, used to love it. Although it still airs, because of the country I
      live in. Alongside other old cartoons. It’s great.

    2. Malikha Arjunan

      the truth is the series is much better than some (most) horror movie
      the do not use jumpscare but the creepiness of the low graphics, the
      tension, the way turning curiosity into creepiness and top notch story

    1. Hell Thief

      TheDarkIcyrevenge The Puppet Master Episode is the one that freaked me out
      the most. The others didn’t really freak me out that much. I loved this

  1. 111himan

    This show is the reason I’m fucked up today cause of watching this stuff
    during my prime developmental age

  2. Sgt. Savage

    You think THIS show was pushing it for a kids show? Have you ever actually
    sat down and WATCHED all of Total Drama Island? Constant, if blurred
    nudity, frequent innuendo, people dying, small animals being eaten, dealing
    with themes of sexual tension between teenagers, ETC. And one thing you
    failed to point out about The Mask was the fact that there was almost
    *obvious* lesbian innuendo, you nailed the “feminist” part well but
    seriously Kitty and Bunny almost kiss at the end. I thought they were going

    1. YouTube Freak

      I loved that show so much when I was young, and I recently just watched
      another episode for curiosity sake. I can’t even tell you how many dirty
      jokes I found haha.

    2. epicgameRAAM15

      Sgt. Savage That show was gross, and stupid. I absolutely hated it. Wasn’t
      it canceled?

      Camp Lazlo was better. Total Drama Island was just a lame fake reality
      show. I just didn’t like it one bit…

    1. Tony parra

      I remember seeing that episode, when I stepped out for a bit, when I came
      back I didn’t see this part but my cousin did and said “that’s scary” then
      I heard Courage scream.

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