Top 10 Guard Dogs In The World

This is my very own listing, your opinion could vary from mine, so do not start flaming, nonetheless if you simulate my list, a like is very appreciated.
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31 thoughts on “Top 10 Guard Dogs In The World

  1. Rattlebbones 66

    Number 1 should definitely be Irish wolfhound, I think it’s the biggest dog
    and it’s the kind of dog where if theirs a problem it won’t bark it will
    just go and deal with it.

    1. robert rohde

      I have owned a couple of Irish Wolfhounds. They were protective of me but
      only me. They are not territorial at all but they are the king of the dog
      world. My first IW did a one bite kill on a Pit Bull. One bite to its
      stomach and he removed its stomach and intestines. Size, power, and speed
      that is unmatched by any other breed!

    2. Rattlebbones 66

      robert rohde I heard that because if their size their life expectancy is
      much shorter would you recommend this for a family with children or just
      for a 1 person house hold

  2. perfectbonzia124

    I can confirm that a bullmastiff has a nasty bite. My neighbor has a
    bullmastiff and its bitten my arm “playfully” and drew blood i don’t want
    to see its aggressive bite.

    1. peppa pig

      I just rescue a mastiff bully pup, he biggest pansey, My Norwegian elk
      hound she tore up on German Shepherd that jump the fence in my yard,my fat
      cutie Mastiff so slow just stood there… The Elkie is known in Europe as
      one of best Guard dogs besides G.S…. Mine keeps packs of coyotes away…
      I like to see mastiff take on wolves and coyotes… or any bully breed… I
      yet to see a bully go hunting…

    1. peppa pig

      +Rachel Wong All dogs are TERRITORIAL….LOL…ALL DOGS ARE VICIOUS IF
      TRAINED…✌I owned German Shepherd and they are #1… My elkie she know as
      guard dog,not a hood dog in the D…

    2. Liam Mcmahon

      no offence but german shepherds arnt number 1 ridge back are, they usta
      hunt lions, nuff said you show me another dog breed that will take on a lion

    3. Evgen Evgen

      NORWEGIAN ELK HOUND, quite simillar to caucasian shepherd, i guess it’s one
      breed of dog. and hardly imagine more scary dog than caucasian shepherd

  3. Dogisto

    That dog looks like it’s contemplating living so hard!
    Oh man, that was nice lol
    the sweetest things ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    going away xD
    what did we do to merit dogs?
    i love all breeds but i choose straight dogs!
    A dog is a mans very best friend :slightly_smiling_face:
    I mean this from the very bottom of my heart: thank you.
    Dogs are super
    Very fantastic!
    Why do people dont like this?
    I thought it was just me but it was still a cool video.
    i conceive all dogs are friendly as long as you treat them well

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