Top 10 Dog Breeds

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79 thoughts on “Top 10 Dog Breeds

    1. SugarCookie RobloxPlayer

      sue b’r *true I have a German Shepherd, she’s annoying cause she’s still a
      puppy, but I love her*


    Dogs are better than cats.Cats just lay around all day and are dumb and
    lazy.Dogs can save people and play fetch with you alot

    1. koolkat45

      Cats ARE playful I play with my cat ALL THE TIME just give them catnip its
      like herorin for cats if you spoil them there lazy cats but if you take
      time to play with them you will have a best buddy. (I like dogs too)

    1. Dakota Doyle

      +nulugnardunerdiglol It’s not about the owners. The breed I general has a
      flat face, thus creating breathing issues. Pugs, just like with most
      breeds, have been over bred in the past 100 years due to popularity and the
      dog show rings. Breeders have messed up lots of different breeds. Just look
      at the English bulldog….the most unhealthy breed in the world that is
      susceptible to pretty much every health issue and disease out there a dog
      can possibly have. The flat face in pugs is just for show and has
      absolutely no benefit for the dog, in fact it’s the opposite.

    2. Dakota Doyle

      +nulugnardunerdiglol Lol, every pug struggles. Just because you can
      blatantly see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. This is why I have never
      seen an active pug. Pugs can go on a walk around the block, but can’t do
      much more than that.

    3. HelloThere 56789

      mr.coolguy yes but they are extremely prone to disease and much more likely
      to die earlier, this is the same with bulldogs and other small breeds with
      squished up faces.

  2. Ron Lewis

    Pit bulls aren’t on here? They should at least be in the honorable
    mentions. Despite their bad reputation, pit bulls are very good dogs and
    can be exceptional with children. The only reason they are feared is
    because they are large and full of muscle. I hate people that just believe
    the lies they are told about pit bulls and think that they are terrible
    pets. Though I prefer cats, I can not get over this fact.

    1. Lexi Klimas

      And Siberian huskies are awesome I had one but she died and I knew her my
      whole life uh oh I’m about to cry 😭

    1. Trent Schlick

      They probably arent on the list because they can be territorial and
      sometimes mean. My uncle has one and he literally scares the crap out of my
      107 pound german shepherd, But they should definitely be in honorable

    2. ZondaboY64

      Pugs are one of the ugliest dogs ever. I’ve also heard that they have
      breathing problems because of the short snout.

    1. Merri Cat

      MarbleGlitter 8787 when my dog was a puppy when she started chewing on
      furniture I put cayenne pepper on the wood. Never did it again of course my
      dog was a lab the best dog ever

  3. Lauren

    I have two Austrailian Shepards and I just got a 4 month old westie a few
    weeks ago, All of them are so smart and super friendly, I love dogs so
    much! ❤️

    1. noname

      Timberjack dragon 6678 Blanco my favorite ❤ i have a half german shepherd
      puppy. don’t know if it counts as a German Shepherd

    1. illudicrous eclipse

      pugs are the worst their lives are horrible and full of pain due to its
      face breathing hip and body problems the pain when they walk and run due to
      their legs.

    1. Rythm - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale

      Joshua Ellison im not talking about pet dogs….stray dogs in india have a
      life tougher than wild dogs…plus animal cruelity


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