Top 10 Biggest Guard Dogs in the World – 2015


10. Fantastic Dane
9. Tosa Inu
8. American Bandogge
7. Walking cane Corso
6. Tibetan Mastiff
5. Neapolitan Mastiff
4. Doberman Pinscher
3. German Sheperd
1. American PITBULL Terrier.


  1. pittbulls are classified as “MEDIUM” sized dogs. if you see a big pitt,
    what u are seeing is a pitt-mastiff crossbreed.

    • Jim Thompson we have a male Pitt-Boxer and a female Pitt-Dalmation, they
      have pitt bodies but have the height of the other breed. as for fighting…
      egh, they are too lazy for me to be able to tell.

    • +Patrice Davenport
      They sound like very interesting dogs! Pitt-Dalmation, that really sounds
      interesting! I think German Shepards like to play fight a lot. When I was a
      kid a neighbour had two German Shepards who were constantly fighting one
      another in the back yard, and really quite roughly too. But perhaps they
      were also very bored and not being given other stimulation and attention.

  2. No Kangal? No Saint Bernard? I would like to tangle with any power breed.
    However a Saint Bernard could swallow you whole if it wanted to lol


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