Top 10 Best and Biggest Guard Dogs in the World 2013

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Here we have noted some of the most effective, Biggest as well as possibly most intelligent watchdog you can select from. They are provided based on their Appearance, Brilliance and also Stamina.
Have an enjoyable picking finest canine for you.

I have made one more video clip of the Most wise and smart Dogs worldwide.
You could have a look at it here,

If you are significant about having an animal for your children then must see as well as select one for them.

25 thoughts on “Top 10 Best and Biggest Guard Dogs in the World 2013

  1. TheAylin104

    @lisamac how can you say that? You obviously never owned one. They are
    dangerous only to people who they do not trust. They chose their owner and
    do anything it takes to protect them, but besides that they are good dogs
    that get along well with others.

    It depends on the owners on how to raise them and train them. Of course
    like any other breed, if they are maltreated then of course they would seen

  2. Robert Askme

    Our late English Mastiff was great around kids and even gave the little
    one’s rides like he was a horse lol But look out if you tried to harm or do
    anything to my family or steal from my house as then he was a whole 160lbs
    of trouble you don’t want after you! 

  3. Kristina R.

    Why would anyone want or need a guard dog? Can’t they afford an Alarm or
    can they not fend for themselves? I dont get it! A poodle does bark when
    somebody arrives just es well as other dogs. So wheres the point in guard
    dogs? I m Not against Big dogs i am against using dogs for defending.
    Brainy humans dont know that the bigger the dog the more sensitive the
    Charakter and the less likely the bite! So if you want a dog that bites for
    sure get a god damn yorksherterrier!!!

  4. BrutalCykx

    A Border Collie is an excellent all around dog, so that includes being a
    guard. If you want a dog that won’t let anything go unnoticed AND is easy
    to train to do exactly what you want him or her to do on those occasions,
    get a Border Collie.

  5. MaddyPlaysMinecraft

    No. No no no. Guard dogs will defend you. The wont just annoyingly bark at
    and intruder then get shot in the face. A guard dog will fight for you.
    They will look up to you. They will actually love you and an alarm system
    cant do that. Neither can a Yorkshire terrier, I mean they can love you but
    you can’t train them! A loving family dog that will protect you also is the
    best. A rottwiler is the best guard dog in my opinion, people think they
    are vicious but with the right owner, they can be the most loving and
    protective dogs that will fight for your life and love you until the end. 

  6. Lydia Hilles

    A few mistakes in the photos folks…. Some of these dogs are also not
    great guard dogs, but rather great WATCH dogs. There’s a difference. Do
    your homework people. Don’t be an uneducated pet owner. 

  7. MrBooboonator

    sad the great pyrenees didnt make this list ive had two an they are great
    guard dogs good w kids and are huge

  8. bob jonwang

    We have a male Doberman, while not the biggest he is VERY protective of his
    people. Most loving gentle dog I have ever had. But takes awhile to warm up
    to strangers. Dobies are not for everyone, very smart and will provide
    there own entertainment when board. Not a good thing.

  9. 10listings

    Have a look at another video of mine. Where, I have explained why people
    should have a dog as a pet.
    10 Reasons to Get a Dog as a Pet

  10. Nibiru Kanahiku

    The list looks good but I would definitely put the Doberman in front of the
    Pit Bull. Doberman should be at the same level as a German sheperd as far
    as guard skills…I own a Rottweiler so I do agree that Rotties are very
    good guards…

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