Took puppy to dog park and the other owners got mad at a dog for pinning our puppy to the ground after our puppuly jumped up and bit the other dog’s long, hairy ears. Then got a little mad at us for saying it was fine.

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So, I was always under the impression that a part of puppy socialisation was letting other, older dogs "teach" your puppy how to be a dog. That, in my mind, includes scolding.

Our town only has one nice dog park and there isn't a restriction on age or size. Our 13-week-old Boston Terrier jumped up and bit another dog's ear a few days ago and that dog growled, pinned him to the ground with his chest, and snarled a bit and then promptly let him up. I saw this as a good thing. My SO saw this as a good thing. "Someone has to put him in his place" was our thinking.

Well, not only did the other owners give the older dog shit for being "rough" with our "innocent", cute puppy, some of them were a little irate that we didn't seem all that concerned. Sure, he yelped, but isn't that him learning to signal to other dogs that they are being too rough? He submitted, and the other dog went on its way. Our puppy didn't seem all that negatively affected.

Do we have things completely backwards here? Should we not let the older, bigger dogs punish our pupper for being rude?

(For the record, he's fine. The other dog didn't bite him or stomp him. We were back there today and our pupper was getting into the mix of things with the bigger dogs, learning to dodge the flailing paws.)

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