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I've got a 2 year old Border Collie! Sweetest pup and a great dog in general. I had someone give me an odd comment the other day that my dog was too "well trained". The situation was that he was making kissy faces and telling my dog to come towards him so he could pet him and my dog just flat out didn't listen to him and continued to follow me. My response back was that I trained him to mostly ignore humans especially if he's off leash (i.e. hiking or big fields). He has however gotten to the point where he doesn't really find an interest in being pet or loved by anyone else besides me or the people he knows very well. Another situation when we go to the pet store and walk around – some store associates will want to come up and pet him and he lets them but only for a few seconds and then walks away. I usually reply back with the fact that he's not an affectionate dog with strangers.

Is this a bad thing? I worry that he might be too attached to me or hyper focused to even care – or am I just overreacting and he's being a good boy like he's been trained?

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