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I have a roughly 1 1/2 y/o German Short-haired Pointer and Australian Cattle Dog rescueand as you can see is too comfortable around any sort of vehicle. He is a shop dog/watch dog as I'm in a pretty rural area, and any time i start one of my cars or forklift he instantly tries to get in by any means necessary – open windows, trunks, parked forklifts. He's almost been crushed a couple times. He even gets on my lap when I'm trying to drive the forklift. (he has a weird thing about drills too which was interesting). I put up a fence thing and he got over and through it. I've tried leashing him up and he goes full panic and gets so tangled he chokes himself. If i lock him in a room he destroys literally everything and he's gone through a crate already too. I am currently going through a training class at my local pet store and their methods are not working out so well. What is a safe and sane way to approach this? Or is the a behavior thing? I don't want him terrified of them as i commute between states frequently and he goes with me. He's fine as long as the engine is off.

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