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My pup is around 20 weeks old (rescued so not clear on actual age) and we’ve had her for 8 weeks. She still has accidents every night.

She is being treated for a chronic (apparently rare and particularly resistant) bladder infection which our vet believes she had since before we got her. We believed this may be the reason she is peeing in the night (doesn’t wake us up to take her out) and didn’t want her to learn it was okay to pee in her crate so began leaving the crate door open. She continued to pee on the kitchen floor at least once a night.

She has now been on antibiotics for a few weeks so hopefully the bladder infection has lessened (though she will be retested in two weeks at vets instructions just to check) I had hoped that she had now learnt that her crate was her sleeping place and not to pee there but crated her last night and she peed in her bed.

Throughout the day she is house trained and the bladder infection doesn’t appear to impact her toilet use (goes out once every few hours, not every five minutes).

I’m at a loss as to what to do. We haven’t had one clean night since we got her and I’m worried about this being learnt as normal for her and so continuing… any advice will be greatly appreciated

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