Toilet Training 4 Month Schnauzer

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Just before Christmas my family got a baby Schnauzer [Our First time owning a dog] , we where staying with family which had a large backyard and managed to get him toilet trained within the first week, we found that he would only go to the toilet when he is off lead which was fine as he didn't go to that toilet when he was inside.

At the end of the holidays, we got back to our house which has a smaller backyard. We managed to eventually get him to uses the backyard it but we recently had a few days of rain and ever scene he has refused to go to the toilet in our backyard and has been only going to the toilet inside.

We have made sure to take him out to go to the bathroom in the mornings, after being fed, after walks etc… but he still goes to the bathroom inside. He always goes to the bathroom at the same rough times [Morning and Evening] and doesn't wee overnight.

How can we retrain him to go to the toilet outside again instead of inside?

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