Toilet trained dog started pooping in the house

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I’ve got a 1.5 yo Kyi Leo (Lhasa Apso x Maltese Terrier) who toilet trained relatively well as a pup. His routine is out into the yard as soon as we get up at 7am, usually pee and poo. I go to work and come home at 1pm and take him for a 20/30 min walk where he’ll pee and poo, then at 5pm when I get home he goes out for a pee. He’ll go out for pees once or twice before final trip to the yard at 10pm before bed.

The last 2 days I’ve came home from work at lunchtime to a poo on the upstairs landing, despite doing one in the morning. And then this morning, he went for one at the usual time but then at 8am, just before I went to work, he’d done one in the same spot as the previous 2 days.

His eating habits haven’t changed, he’s been worked and he doesn’t get separation anxiety, so I’m at an absolute loss as to why this is happening. Should I treat him every time he does a poo outside? I know I’m not supposed to discipline him for doing it inside.

Any ideas would be welcome!

Edit : does him doing a poo essentially right in front of me mean that he thinks it’s ok to do it in the house? The 2 previous I came home to, but is it different that they were done “in private” but this one was whilst I was in the house?

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