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So I’ve had my golden puppy for just over a week and it’s been up and down but the downs have been through the floor. I know puppies are hard work and doubting yourself is normal but I was convinced I was doing something wrong so I threw myself into researching last night and this morning and the results are fantastic!

My main problems have been biting (obviously), hyperactivity (this was the worst one) and separation anxiety. At the advice I received recently I jumped on YouTube and watch kilopups videos around these issues hand my god they work! Today I’ve been focusing on calm behaviour and the biting (but didn’t use treats for this because I was mixing the training up so focused treats on calm behaviour) and getting ready to leave but not actually leaving and it’s like she’s a different puppy!

I know now not to expect this everyday but my confidence was pretty rocked by the end of last week and this has given me a huge booster! Just wanted to share 🙂

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