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Hey all,

I have been thinking about getting a pup for a long time now. I've studied alot of material about how to behave as a dog owner and how to positively influence your dog into good behaviour during that time, bought numerous books and searched for online material as much as i could.

I have prepared schedules to be very consistent about what i do and prepared my home to be as effective as possible and reduce the risk of having materials destroyed as much as possible.

Knowing what i am getting into, I am ready for everything as i'm expecting the worse and hoping for the best. This is not my first dog ofcourse, but it will be the very first time i am doing this on my own, and the first time it will be a pup.

A few days ago i stumbled upon a wonderful pup wich will eventually be small medium sized, and lives in a romanian pen at the moment. Don't know what got into me but I fell in love right away and acted on an impulse, payed an advance and now things are getting real. He will be here with me in belgium 16th of februari, he will be approximatly 5 months old by then.

I have a relatively big appartment, big balcony and a park not too far away so that's not an issue. First 3 weeks my pup is here i will be off from work, so i will have time to crate train and immediately start working on everthing ,but eventually i will be going to work again. Some days I can go home for lunch break, but some days I cannot ,so this means he will have to stay alone for a full 8 hrs in the worst case scenario.

Being alone to raise him in the first but very important period of his life is what concerns me. I do not have a wife or nearby friends that i can ask for help. I moved to a city far away from my hometown for work wich is 5 minutes from home by foot now, and last year my relationship fell apart so that's that.

The longer i think about it, the more i feel like i will not be able to give my new friend a happy life because of work and being alone. I thought about asking my neighbour that lives beneath me for help on those days i will be gone for 8 hrs but i'm not sure if that's the way to go.

Sundays and Mondays I'm off, Tuesday it's 8hrs work , but I come home briefly for lunch, wednesday 4hrs of work, and the rest of the week 8 hrs with a brief lunch break at home here and there if it's not too busy.

what do you guys think? Is this something that can be overcome over time if i train him enough to spend time alone, or should i just cancel everything now I still can and forget about it? My heart says yes, but I want what's best for him.

Sorry for the wall of text.

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