Tips to manage human energy levels?

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My 3.5 month old shepherd is amazing. She is so smart, so driven to learn and work and walk…her breeder says she would make a great working dog. And I am trying to make the most of that drive, teach her new tricks, make sure she gets lots of exercise (we live in an appartment so she needs her outdoors time), learn new games (she just learned to play hide and seek with het chicken toy, and it took so little time…).

So when I watch her do flawless recalls and fetches, my heart soars. But then the evening comes, and I am absolutely exhausted. Between trying to keep up my performance at work and managing a puppy, I am usually in bed by 9 pm. Yesterday I didnt even have energy to shower.

Any other owners of high energy pups feel like that, and got any tips to keep my quality of life a bit better without decreasing puppy's? Or reassurance that it will get better with time would be welcome 🙂 Maybe I just need to vent. She is too young to do activities I want to do with her when she is older, like agility and hiking. My dream dog life would be, we go all out for a couple of hours a day, then we get home, and enjoy our endorphins quietly. I hope we make it there one day 🙂

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