Tips on Puppy Biting/Growling When I’m Walking Away

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Hi everyone,

I’ve read all of the tips on bite inhibition and teaching your puppy not to bite in the sidebar and have been trying to apply them as much as possible. I’ve got a 15 week old Australian Shep pup and while he does bite a lot, I can tell that it typically comes from a place of playing rather than anger or aggressiveness (however when he’s very hyper he does sometimes get aggressive).

I’m aware that biting is a normal behavior in a puppy and I’m not at my wit’s end or anything. But one of the methods when a dog doesn’t respond to “Off” or anything of the likes is to pick up and walk away. However, when I walk away he chases after me and latches onto my legs and clothes, ripping them and hurting me. I try to stand still as I’ve read, but he always ends up biting me pretty hard on the leg and I gotta get outta there. Any tips on what I should do here?

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