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My mom will be staying with me for three months. She is bringing two dogs- a 10 year old labradoodle and a 2 year old pit mix. I have a 10 year old mutt. My dog doesn’t like other dogs and is pretty territorial. We’ve only ever had one dog over to the house and she followed the dog around very closely and was acting very strange. She has fought with another dog in the past when they were both acting territorial in another house. My dog is also food aggressive with other dogs, not with humans.

My dog knows the labradoodle, who is super submissive and I don’t think there will be any problems with them. But I’m worried about the pit mix. He’s very playful and bouncy and my dog does not like that. He’s also BIG. He’s a sweet dog, but evidently if another dog goes after him, he will respond. I’m worried my dog might give him a warning bite/growl if he’s being playful and he’ll respond violently.

Any tips or suggestions or helpful links that you can provide?

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