Tips for introducing an older dog to my 1 year old

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My boyfriend has a 5/6 year old male husky and I have an (almost) 1 year old female German Shepherd/possible husky mix. They are both rescues.

My boyfriend and I don’t currently live together, but would like to in a year or a bit less. The only issue is that his dog is somewhat dog reactive and has been aggressive with dogs before.

At the vet office and even on walks, his dog is okay with being near other dogs. However, if the other dog shows him any kind of attention/barks/tries to play, he gets aggressive.

My dog is a pretty gentle girl. She does like to play but she isn’t rough. She’s mostly a cuddler.

I really want to live with my boyfriend and start a life together etc, but I’m not sure how to even begin introducing our dogs. Is it even possible for his dog to tolerate living with another dog?

I am willing to hire a trainer, but I just was curious to see if anyone here has gone through this before or has any tips for me.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to any advice!

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