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We took in my boyfriend's uncle's puppy because he will be gone for a year. She's very smart and very cute. Overall she is a great puppy. We don't know what breed she is but we are guessing she is at least part pit bull.

We are having a big problem with her biting though. She bites constantly. Even if we yip, redircet, try to walk away, anything. And the real problem is they aren't small play bites you're used to from puppies. She has razor sharp teeth and bites very hard. She latches on and we can't get her off. She makes me bleed. We try to give her as much sleep as she needs and exercise her all the time. Today she got a new toy that she really loves and that seemed to help us redirect a little, but obviously there's still a lot of work to be done.

I know that it takes weeks to months to fully get a puppy to stop biting, but is there any way to speed the process up at least a little? Or at the very least to make her bite softer?

In the house is – me – my boyfriend – his mom – his sister and her boyfriend – his other sister and her 9 month old baby – his 7 year old sister

His mom babysits his 9m/o neice during the day. When my bf, his sister and her bf, or myself are home we have the puppy out and exercising. But when his mom is home alone she simply can't watch the baby and puppy at the same time. They're both too hyperactive, and the puppy bites too hard. If she bit the baby she would seriously hurt the baby.

We know it's going to be a long road, but any advice you can give will be helpful. We want to look out for the best interest of both the puppy and the baby. Also if you advice is only "just wait it out" please don't. We already know we have to wait it out. We are looking for advice to help us through the waiting it out phase.

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