Tips for Apartment Hallway Potty Training

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For my fellow city dwellers, I know that potty training in the apartment is only the first step. Now the joy of teaching the pup that the hallway is also not the right place. I'm having some success with my pup with the below plan. For context he's a 5 month old Border Terrier (small breed) and our building has an elevator. I didn't start training the hallway until he could go a few consecutives days without an accident in the apartment. And for what it's worth, we never used pads. He quickly associated outside with pee/poop and goes within minutes of getting outside.

First get the pup to reliably perform "down." We were doing this since day one. Long before hallway training. Make sure you have treats on you when you go out. Briskly walk to the elevator. If there is any hesitation from pup that he might pee, then ABORT and pick him up. Try again next time. If you've made it to the elevator then give the "down" command. Don't release/reward until the elevator opens. In the elevator do the same command, release/reward when the elevator opens. Briskly walk through your lobby to the chosen land. ABORT if they hesitate as if about to pee. Then once outside you know the rest!

I skip hallway training when I think he REALLY needs to pee, or when he's very sleepy. I don't have enough of his attention then to keep him focused on me.

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