Time to repent my sins

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My boyfriend and I are making grilled cheese and tomato soup to better enjoy this rainy weather. Our 5 month Great Dane puppy is playing around us, and wanders around the house. While handling the food, I feel that tinge of too much silence. Sometimes if he is left to wander too long, he will find his way to the living room rug and pee on it. I run straight to the living room, glad to see no pee on the rug and happy puppy on the hardwood floor. Behind him is the largest pile of shit I've ever seen. He has NEVER shit in the house before, and I was just dumbfounded. We had been so lucky for so long that all I could do was stare at it. I call my boyfriend over. He, logically thinking like me, asked if he peed on the rug. He was happy to see no pee. I pointed and told him to look; he kept asking what I was pointing at, and then asked, "What is that behind-…is that shit?" I nod. "…clean it?" I nod. I don't even know how to handle this shit. I've cleaned up his poop while out and about, but then I was mentally and physically prepared. I didn't see the point in using the poop bags since the bathroom was just a few feet away, but I can't just grab at this with toilet paper. I wrap the toilet paper over my arms like people do at a public toilet so there is no skin to toilet contact. I scoop at the shit with my entire arms with a pincer move. It now decided to smell. It so large I have to split it into two flushes. My puppy is excited with this new toy I'm carrying and must explore it. I try my best to keep him away; thank god the smell must have gotten to him too because he never comes in contact with it, but he has to be in front of every footstep and make me trip and get my face closer to the shit. It almost clogs both times. This has to be a message that I've done something terrible and need to repent my sins.

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