Thousands of Florida greyhounds will need brand-new homes after pup racing ban

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Advocates for the prohibitions say many of Florida’s 8,000 racing dogs will now likely be adopted, as usually happens when they leave the sport. ( iStock)

Florida voters decided to phase out greyhound race in the government by 2021, making millions of bird-dogs will soon involve new homes.

The state voted 69 to 31 percent Tuesday to pass Amendment 13, which censors the sport beginning on Jan. 1, 2021. It is an devastating defeat for an manufacture already in nosedive, with 50 trails closing nationally over the past 30 years because of decreasing audience and the allegations that puppies are mistreated.

Advocates for the prohibitions say many of Florida’s 8,000 racing bird-dogs will now likely be adopted, as usually happens when they leave the athletic, though some may be transferred to other countries where the athletic will remain legal.


Florida’s 11 hound lines constitute almost two-thirds of those remaining nationally. When they close, the athletic may be too small to survive long term. Two trails remain in West Virginia and one each in Alabama, Arkansas and Iowa. In Texas, three lines revolve an annual meet.

Carey Theil, executive director of Grey2K USA, one of different groups pushing for a nationwide restriction, “ve called the” margin “astounding” and said it was one of the largest ever nationally for any animal privileges appraise. Amendment 13 even get majorities in 10 of the 11 districts where racing is harbour — in five of those, approval outdid 70 percent.

“It’s a strong blurb of our humane values, and a renunciation of an manufacture that is cruel and inhuman, ” Theil said Wednesday. He said the country should provide resources for any workers who lose undertakings because of the prohibitions, including retraining.

Jim Gartland, executive director of the National Greyhound Association, said he was surprised by the amendment’s aisle — it needed 60 percent, under Florida law. He said the thousands of greyhound breeders and their employees nationally will be hurt by the Florida decision, and alleged the amendment’s patrons of “lying” and causing “misleading happenings and figures” when they said hounds are mistreated. District registers been demonstrated that, on average, two of the state’s hastening pups croak of injury or illness weekly.

“It prepares no sense that people who make their supports from dogs would abuse them, ” Gartland said. Abused dogs are slow puppies, he said, and trainers make their living by causing wins. He said it is unclear how many Florida lines will preserve live racing through 2020 and how many will put the sport sooner.


Patron invested more than$ 3 million get additional measures borrowed — 10 meters the amount spent by racing advocates. ( iStock)

Jack Cory, spokesman for the Florida Greyhound Association, said racetracks and coaches will go to the Legislature and, if necessary, to the courts to be compensated for the revenue they will lose.

Backers expended more than$ 3 million going the measure adopted — 10 durations the amount are used by hastening supporters. Almost half the backers’ funding came from a $1.5 million subscription by the Doris Day Animal League, a national group founded by the 96 -year-old actress.

The anti-racing crusade had subsistence from across the political range, from animal claims radicals like Parties for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Amendment 13 ‘s resists included the National Rifle Association’s state affiliate, which imagines the measure’s speech saying “the humane treatment of swine is an essential value” of Floridians could be a backdoor way to eventually ban chase and angling. The regime Supreme court repudiated that dispute during the opponents’ neglected effort to remove the amendment from the ballot.

For some tracks, losing live racing might actually increase profits. Under current Florida law, greyhound tracks must render live racing to control poker rooms and accept gambles on simulcast horse racing from tracks in different regions of the country. Amendment 13 allowing them to prevent those side ventures without live racing, even if they drop it immediately.

The amount gambled on greyhound race in Florida decreased from $1.5 billion in 1992, adjusted for inflation, to simply over $200 million in 2017, commonwealth registers present. After paying bettors, handbags and taxes, five trails reported damages on live greyhound hastening last year and the then-1 2 trails mixed net receipt on live racing was $20 million. That’s about a fifth their poker net.


Jim O’Brien, chairwoman and CEO of Melbourne Greyhound Park, said his small track near the Kennedy Space Center loses about $250,000 annually on live racing, but he feels patriotism to the teaches who extend dogs there. So he told me that he wants to take a few days to decide whether to run the track’s upcoming convene. The racetrack did$ 5 million last year on poker.

“We are perhaps going to run, but we will see, ” he said.

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