Thoughts on daycare for 4.5 month old puppy?

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I had to put my pup in daycare today (and possibly tomorrow plus one day next week). She LOVES people but is picky with dogs.

One of the staff that I know has been sending me videos and it looks like they had to separate her from the other dogs (she was probably over it). She’s been in the reception area with staff being a huge handful.. crying everytime a staff member goes to tend to another dog. I’m now questioning if I should even be leaving her in day care, or if it’s stressing her out too much. I have nobody to watch her from 6am to 9pm for a couple days and I feel so bad.

I have had someone watch her in my home before, and after 2 hours she just sat by the door crying until I came home.

I have pretty limited options since I need someone to watch her for such a long period, not sure if I should just call in sick to work.

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