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Our little Stabyhoun Ienzo is 3 months old today and we've had him for 4 weeks now. And he is so damn hard to train. I've trained 2 puppies before (both my sisters') but neither of them took this much effort.

When inside, I cant leave him alone for even a second (literally!) or all hell breaks loose. The moment he cant see me anymore he starts whining, barking, jumping, destroying everything he sees and what not. I cant go to the bathroom, go upstairs quickly, or even grab my coat to go on a walk with him without him going batshit crazy. And he just wont stop until we make eyecontact again, so no point waiting it out and then rewarding him for being quiet. Good thing is, he listens very well. Until we go outside…

Oustide he is the exact opposite. Its like this guy has multiple personality disorder. He doesnt listen, never makes eyecontact, always pulling on the leash. Its like I dont even exist anymore. He doesnt respond to his name or any other command, he ignores his clicker and I can shove his favorite treat in his face without him even noticing. Its like taking Helen Keller on a walk, but worse. Ive tried just standing still in an empty parking lot with him on a leash pulling like crazy. Supposedly they should make eye contact once they get tired of pulling, at which point I would reward. But not this guy! He would pull and whine and bark and eventually sit and whine and bark, but never even once make eye contact.

I try to stick to a 1 hour awake, 2 hour nap schedule with lots of mental stimulation, 5 minute command practice sessions and 3 walks (5-10 minutes). But I have no idea where to begin with training him to be more independent at home, and less so oustide.

At least potty training is going okay, so theres that…

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