This Poor Puppy Almost Lost Hope, But These Heroes Didn’t Give Up On Him!

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When Animal Aid Unlimited knew Jeremy the hound dog on the streets of India, he’d held some of the most traumatic injuries they’d “ve ever seen”. Even worse, however, was his broken spirit.

Days earlier, Jeremy had been hit by a gondola. The blow was so strong that his teeth had punctured through his cheek and his left leg was barely hanging onto his form by a bit of brutal chassis. Confused and traumatized, Jeremy impeded piercing his leg and then falling to the sand. Clearly, the ache was excruciating.

After performing emergency surgery and amputating the injured appendage, rescuers knew his physical meanders would heal, but his broken spirit was another matter. From human affection to playful puppies , good-for-nothing seems to attention the depressed dog.

Slowly but surely, Jeremy began to show signs of progress. It was a long, hard superhighway to retrieval, but today, he looks( and plays) like a brand-new pup.

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To learn more about Animal Aid Unlimited or donate to their reason, click here. And be sure to associates itself with this dog’s stupendous alteration with your friends and family!

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