This Is The Category Of Guy He Is, Based On His Tinder Profile Pics

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I have one relationship deal breaker: I perfectly will never time anyone who has been to Burning Man. I do not attend if you are the kindest, most compassionate person in the world, who regularly reads handwritten poetry to orphans and helps old-time girls cross the street. You’re plainly out of the running in the high-demand race to my nerve!

Nevertheless, it is suggested that a large person of humanities on dating appshave attended the festival, based on their chart photos, at least. Perhaps they all go together and have a photoshoot? I do not know.

But some other themes I have noticed in guys’ Tinder photos? Guyson rock climbing walls. Guys regarding puppies. Guyssurrounded by women at the team. And of course, the man in a knapsack looking longingly intoa cataract. Is he dating the cascade? Potentially.

I know people say the same event about women why are we all doing yoga and posing with our managers cocked and our hands on our hip, blah blah blah? We’re all guilty. But here are the types of guys you’ll find on dating apps, and what their typical Tinder pics say about them.

1. Polyamorous Guy Who Vapes

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