This Is The Adorableness That Happens When You’re Surrounded By 18 Australian Shepherd Puppies

Everyone would be 100% happier if they were just surrounded by puppies.( It’s a technical happening. Probably .)

That’s why you should check out the pictures and videos posted by Green Valley Australian Shepherds from Salt Lake City, Utah. They currently have 18 puppies only hanging around…and events get real cute real quick.

If you need your period to be better, just check out the puppies waking up from an afternoon nap.

Or playing in a puppy pile.

Or even running in slow-motion.

Nothing can stop the cuteness of this litter of puppies!( If you want to see even more puppy adorableness, you can check out the kennel’s YouTube path, extremely .)

And, yeah, they were adorable from the very beginning.

So, sit back, relax, and ride out the last weeks of winter by look at this place these cuties!

After all, the remaining cold weather isn’t even worse when you have 18 puppies around.

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