This Guy Only Has Vision In One Eye, So He Bought A One-Eyed-Dog That No One Else Wanted

Kendra Trent, 27, has recently shared an adorable photo of her friend Jordan Trent, 32, who live in Georgetown, Texas, bracing a tiny one-eyed Australian Shepherd that nobody is wanted.

“We detected the puppy at marketplace we were at, ” told Jordan Bored Panda. “We had no proposes of get a puppy the working day but there was a man there selling puppies. Shiner[ the dog] is the last time of his litter. No one craved him and when my family considered him we knew we have now raise him home.”

“Sometimes he’ll run into events and you can tell he has some difficulty with his magnitude tyranny, as do I. He’s lively, enjoys to be held, has the cutest little bark and gets along great with the whole family.”

More info: Instagram( Jordan’s) | Instagram( dog’s) | Facebook

Jordan Trent lost perception in his left see doing yard production when he was 15 years old

Thank you, Jordan Trent, for talking about here Bored Panda!

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