This Girl Who Matched With A Dog On Tinder Has More Luck With Dating Apps Than You

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I was never really big on the dating app scene.

I felt like the whole process was sort of dehumanizing. To me, itfelt weird evaluating a batch of real, multifaceted human beings based on a few blurry draws and a two-line bio.

That being said, I guess I perhaps wouldnt find even worse about dehumanizing competitors if I was swiping right for the purposes of an ANIMAL.( Get it? Because you cant dehumanize something thats not HUMAN .)

In fact, Id maybe be jolly affected by a puppy that canwrite a two-line bio.

Well in an ideal, mystical define of circumstances, a woman managed to bypass all the mind-numbing, boring human interactions on Tinderand parallel with an adorable hound reputation Spencer.

Check out the pups Tinder profile for yourself below 😛 TAGEND

Can you say BABE ALERT?


, Spencersbio cant be anything more than Woof. Bork. Sniffles. because HES A DOG. HE CANT TALK, DUH.

But hestand, so hes literally the total package.


What an complete young lad he is.

Once the womanmatched with the puppy, they naturally started chatting.

Lets just say happenings went super serious.


So what we have here is a socially self-conscious dog with a Tinder profile? INTERESTING. VERY INTERESTING.

Honestly, Id say hes still better than a lot of the actual humen on Tinder.

The woman shared her match on Imgur, and patently, parties had fortunes to say about the canines profile 😛 TAGEND

This person is all about the cute plot move this bird-dogs plucking here.


This provoked a longcomment weave of parties bickering overwhether or notthe plot was true.Meanwhile, Im sitting there like, YOU GUYS, A WOMAN MATCHED WITH A ON TINDER. WERE MISSING THE POINT HERE.

These beings had a bigger sentiment in mind.



Seriously, how does a domesticated following Tinder not exist already? OK, TO BE FAIR, I havent actually looked into it. Itexist, but I just dont feel like googlingit right now. SUE ME.

And “womens issues” reaction was way too real for online daters.


Yeah, a dog turning into a human is MUCH more of a scarcity than a human turning into a puppy, especially intheworld of online dating.

Can I get an AMEN?

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